World Space Week Celebration

World space week was celebrated throughout the world from 4th October to 10th October to commemorate two major events in the history of space research Department of physics celebrated this week with various event throughout the week on 4.10.2017 inauguration of the celebration was organized Dr. S. Mythili inaugurated with her special address Ms. K. Suguna vice principal felicitated the event on 5.10.2017 space related movie was screened to create a interest among the students about space activities Mrs. A. Shoba Head, Department of chemistry on 6.10.2017 poster presentation was organized Dr. K. Jagathy Head, Department of microbiology felicitated the event with her special address on 7.10.2017 skit was performed I PG students related to existence of life in other planets. Dr. K. Padmalochana Head, Department of biochemistry graced the occasion with her special address on 9.10.2017 awareness for school students was conducted about 140 school students and 8 school teachers from panchayat union middle school, Sembur and government higher secondary school, Mazhaiyur visited our college. Basic information about space was exchanged to students by skit, stories and videos. Mr. B. N. Anbalagan Headmaster, Panchayat union middle school and Mrs. S. Sathyakala Head, Department of computer applications graced the occasion with their address. Apart from these an essay contest and drawing competition was organized in inter department level. About 67 students participated and submitted their essays and diagram and best two will be awarded with shield and certificates. Now valedictory session of week celebration is going on Dr. S. Mythili Principal will deliver the valedictory address Ln. B. Munirathinam, Chairman and Founder will felicitate the event Mr. B. N. Anbalagan will deliver a special lecture and distribute the prizes.

Day - 1 INAGURATION OF WORLD SPACE WEEK - Date : 04.10.2017

Inaugural Address by Dr. S. Mythili

Presentation by Student
Day - 2 MOVIE SCREENING - Date : 05.10.2017

Special Address by Mrs. A. Shoba,
Head, Department of Chemistry

Movie screened to students
Day - 3 POSTER PRESENTATION -Date : 06.10.2017

Presentation by Student

Dr. K. Jagathy Visiting the posters

Day-5 AWARENESS TO SCHOOL STUDENTS - Date : 09.10.2017

Day-6 VALEDICTORY SESSION - Date : 10.10.2017