Our College has a student council for which II P.G candidate is the President and III U.G Candidate is the Vice-President. The candidates were selected by the head of the institution depending on their academic performance and their overall intelligence. They are responsible to various activities which are carried out by various clubs. The funds are provided by the management which is the part of the fund which are collected form Old Student Association. These funds are utilised by the student council for various expenditure such as welcoming the fresher, organising cultural activities, farewell to seniors etc.

1. U.Rizwana II-P.G-Commerce President Student Council
2. A.Vinodhini III-U.G Physics Vice President Student Council
3. A.Abibelviya III-U.G-Physics Member National Service Scheme
4. S.Praveena III-U.G- BCA Member L.E.O Club
5. S.R.Aswini I-U.G-Maths Member Environmental Club
6. R.Preetha III-U.G-Physics Member Red Ribbon Club
7. S.Pandiselvi III-U.G- Computer Science Member Youth Red Cross
8. M.Karthiga I-P.G-Commerce Member Citizen Consumer Club
9. M.Aishwarya I-U.G-Chemistry Member Fine Arts Club
10. U.Rizwana II-P.G-Commerce Member Anti Ragging Committee
11. M.Ranjitha Devi II-P.G-Physics Member Grievance Cell
12. J.Sangeetha II-U.G-Chemistry Member Health Club
13. k.Lavanya devi II-U.G-Chemistry Member Nutrition Club
14. M.Punitha II-P.G-Biochemistry Member Placement Cell