The old student association has been functioning in Sri akilandeswari women’s college, vandavasi, since 1999. The association has been working for the benefit of the student Community. It renders special assistance for their course of Education and it is extending its service with the sustained spirit to serve for the welfare of the needy cheers of economically backward students and empowering them with all adequate support to proceed further for higher education. It has been aiding the deserving students to remit their tuition fees and Examination fees. It has provided a noon meal scheme for poor students. The objectives of the association is to give financial assistance for deserving students who is “good at studies”, contribute relief fund for the natural calamities like floods, cyclone and earth quake etc, the association also provided medical financial support.

Assistant Professor of Microbiology,
Old Students Association – Coordinator.


OSA MEET on 18th Graduation day