National Service Scheme was functioning in since 1999. There are two units and 200 NSS Volunteers are serving to the society through this programme. The NSS Programme Officers attended the Orientation course conducted by Empanelled Training Institution, Egmore, Chennai. The Motto of National service scheme is “ NOT FOR ME BUT FOR YOU”. NSS- Logo- The symbol of the NSS is based on the ‘ Path’ wheel of the Konark sun Temple situated in Orissa. That shows the routine movement of the wheel. Like that the NSS Volunteers should always moves with the betterment of the society. The Aid and objectives of N.S.S are Education through service Inculcate the habit of doing service to the society Self Discipline. Duties of N.S.S are Temple cleaning – ”UZHAVARAPANI” Cleanliness White washing- class room, temple, public places etc. Health Education. Behalf of the NSS we organize Blood Donation Rally, Saving Electricity Rally, International Women’s Day, Consumer Awareness programme, Veterinary Camp programme, Herbal Medicine – Usage, Aids Awareness programme, Free Medical Camp, Environmental Pollution Awareness programme. Apart from this we organize special camp.

1. 2001-2005 A. Parameswari., M. Com., M. Phil.,
2. 2005-2007 Unit I -N. Vanitha., M.Com., M. Phil.,
3. 2005-2007 Unit II -P. Parameswari., M. A., M. Phil.,
4. 2007-2008 Unit I -N. Meera., M. Com., M. Phil.,
5. 2007-2008 Unit II -D.Sarathai., M. Sc., M. Phil.,
6. 2009-2010 Unit I- S. Sumathi., M. Sc., Ph. D.,
7. 2009-2014 Unit II -K. Kalpana., M. Com., M. Phil.,
8. 2011-2016
Mrs. K. Varalakshmi
Assistant Professor of Tamil,
N.S.S – Unit -1-Programme Officer.
9. 2015-2016
Department of Zoology,
N.S.S – Unit -2-. Programme Officer.

(NSS ACTIVITIES – 2016 -2017)
21.06.16 - International Yoga Day
was celebrated in our college.

Thiruvalluvar Statue Van procession
reached Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College,
Campus on 23.07.2016 at 3 p.m.

Students watching the Movie of Kalam Salam


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