Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash was established in the Year 1995 by Swamy Abedhanandha Educational Trust which was established in accordance with the wishes of Pujyashri Swamiji Abedhanandha Saraswathi. The College is named after the presiding deity Sri Akilandeswari of Thellar Village.

Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College is situated in the Tindivanam Highway which is just off the hustle and bustle of the busy Vandavasi Town. The college has its natural aesthetic and scenic beauty of topography. The college has its hefty, marvelous and elegant architecture and ample amenities which satisfies the every need of comforts. The green college campus also has beautiful pastures and passage ways. The plantations in full bloom and carefully nurtured crotons are really feast to our eyes. Swamy Abedhanandha Educational trust is thriving well and is governed by the elite Trust. The Management is striving with the total commitment, transparency, integrity and dedication within 2 decades the Management has scripted the success story as a premier and a pioneering Women’s Institution in this educationally backward area of Thiruvannamalai District.

Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College, Wandiwash is providing value based education giving emphasis on morality and discipline. With the blessings of Goddess Sri Akilandeswari and Swamy Abedhanandha Saraswathi our college is considered as “Pride of this Region” which is continuing its journey to achieve the goal for which it was started.

Thiruvalar. Ln. B. Munirathinam.
Founder & Chairman,            
Sri Akilandeswari Women’s College.